Jay McCleskey brings over fifteen years of experience

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Jay McCleskey brings over fifteen years of experience in dealing with campaigns at every level to his work. He is currently the President of McCleskey Media Strategies and has in the recent past worked on some very high profile campaigns.

In 2010, Jay McCleskey was able to serve as the lead consultant for the Susana Martinez for Governor campaign, in New Mexico. This was a campaign that attracted a good deal of attention nationally. Jay McCleskey is today still Susana Martinez’s chief political adviser. Jay McCleskey produced all of the paid media and direct mail for that gubernatorial campaign and was the chief campaign strategist for the campaign as well. Susana Martinez was able to emerge from the ensuing five way primary as the leading candidate and eventually be inaugurated as the first Hispanic Governor in the history of the United States. Susana Martinez said of that campaign, “I could not have won the election without Jay as my political consultant.”

One of the campaign advertisements that Jay McCleskey produced and had aired for the Susana Martinez for Governor campaign received the Best Statewide GOP Ad in America in 2010 award by the reputable Campaigns and Elections Magazine. In 2009, Jay McCleskey had served as the chief political strategist for Richard Berry, who was a Republican mayoral candidate for the traditionally Democratic city of Albuquerque. His upset victory over incumbent Marty Chavez made him the first Republican mayor of that city in twenty-five years. Jay McCleskey won two national “Pollie” awards for an advertisement he developed for the Richard Berry campaign entitled “Truck”.

Jay McCleskey’s political career was begun in New Mexico and has thrived there. He has deep roots in the state and still lives there, with his wife Nicole. They are raising two children, along with two yellow labs, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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